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Asset Tracking Software and Solutions


accQtrax offers all-in-one, as well as, customizable asset tracking solutions that help organizations solve their asset management needs. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, a government agency, healthcare organization or education institution our asset tracking solutions are capable of meeting and exceeding the demands of your business.


Common applications for asset tracking software include:

■ IT equipment

■ Medical equipment

■ File and document tracking

■ Office equipment & book value

■ Evidence tracking

■ Shared tools and much more

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There are many Asset Tracking solutions on the market, choosing the wrong one for your business can be costly. An accQtrax representative can help you analyze your business processes and choose the right solution to fit your organizations growing needs.

IntelliTrack Fixed Asset Software
IntelliTrack offers two asset tracking solutions, IntelliTrack Fixed Assets and IntelliTrack RFID Fixed Assets. Reconcile an entire room of inventory simultaneously with an RFID Fixed Asset solution. more »

Redbeam Fixed Asset Software
Redbeam asset tracking comes in two versions, standard and mobile. Redbeam Asset Tracking will help any organization track computers, furniture, vehicles, etc. Simply combine the software with a bar code scanner and users can be up and running quickly. more »

Wasp Mobile Asset Software

Wasp MobileAsset software provides the flexibility and freedom of a mobile device allowing users to track assets in remote locations, in different rooms, buildings or in the field. more »

accQtrax Asset Tracking solutions include:

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