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Bar Code Labeling Software


Printing labels correctly is critical to your operations and your customer service. accQtrax offers a host of proven labeling solutions by leading ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) that can be tailored or installed off-the-shelf to allow your organization to create, manage and automate your labeling requirements.


Building the Better Bar Code Solution


There are many Bar Code Labeling solutions on the market, choosing the wrong one for your business can be costly. An accQtrax representative can help you analyze your business processes and choose the right solution to fit your organizations growing needs.

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accQtrax Bar Code Labeling Software solutions include:


Niceware software solutions include NiceLabel Suite for label design, integration and professional printing requirements, NiceLabel Pro for advanced bar code and RFID labeling, NiceLabel Express is a wizard-based product that meets basic bar code labeling needs, NiceLabel Print Center for client/server based label printing and centralized management, NiceWatch Enterprise delivers centralized integration of multi-threaded and high-volume label printing, NiceLabel SDK is the label printing solution for Windows application developers, NiceLabel WebSDK is the label printing solution for Web application developers and NiceLabel PocketSDK enables bar code and RFID label printing for mobile software products. more »

TEKLYNX software solutions include LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX and CODESOFT for bar code & RFID label design and printing, LABEL ARCHIVE for traceability, SENTINEL for enterprise printing, LABELNET provides a web interface access to production labels and the ability to print from network accessible pc's, plus BACKTRACK and IDEAM for tracking and mobility. more »

Loftware software solutions include Loftware Label Manager to create quality barcode and RFID smart labels, Loftware Print Server for all your output label management, Loftware Connector tightly integrates to your business applications and automatically controls and gathers what external data is needed, Loftware WebAccess and Loftware Web Services bring the full power of the internet to the full power of the Loftware solutions. more »

Seagull Scientific
Seagull Scientific delivers an industry-leading label design and bar code software solution called BarTender. BarTender is a true Windows barcode label software program with powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software. It even supports RFID tags. more »

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