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Mobile Computing


When You Need Realtime Data on the Go


Your managers, executives, doctors and salespeople can't be tied to a desk. To be effective, they have to be on the shop floor, with an important customer, at a patient's bedside or in the retail aisle. With mobile computing, they have immediate access to the most current enterprise information, using both voice and data communications. Your employees gain the freedom of movement to serve customers and engage in data entry according to the immediate needs of your enterprise, increasing your response to changing conditions and helping all employees be more successful in their jobs


Key considerations in choosing the ideal mobile computing solution:

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■ Color or Monochrome displays

■ IP Seal rating options

■ Freezer grade options

■ Antimicrobrial housing options

■ Laser / 2D options

■ Signature capture

■ WAN GPRS radio options

■ Windows CE / Windows Mobile options

■ Long range / Short range options

■ UID Label scanning

■ Batch / WiFi / WWAN options

■ Touch screen options

■ Numeric / Alphanumeric keypad options

■ 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS options

Industrial Mobile Computers

accQtrax offers an extensive line of industry-leading mobile computer solutions ideal for use in industrial environments.  A few featured models are shown below, contact us for pricing and availability or to evaluate a unit in your environment.

Honeywell Dolphin 9900

The Honeywell Dolphin 9900 mobile computer delivers a complete set of productivity-enhancing capabilities in a solution built for maximum reliability.  The Dolphin 9900 offers users the combination of seamles voice and data communication along with GPS-enabled location based functionality.  Achieve real-time connection with your employees, supply chain and customers.

Motorola MC9190-G

The Motorola MC9190-G mobile computer is more rugged, more powerful, has a higher resolution display, better scanning performance and more scanning options than its predecessors. The next evolution in the highly successful MC9000 Series gives your workers the ability to process information and take action quickly and accurately, even in the harshest of environments.

Intermec CK71

The Intermec CK71 is the no-compromise, next-generation ultra-rugged mobile computer that achieves true functional agility with the perfect balance of ruggedness, duty cycle, and ergonomics for the most demanding warehouse-distribution and manufacturing environments.

Commercial Mobile Computers

We also offer and extensive line of mobile computers designed primarily for use in commercial environments. Key product lines include:

Intermec CN70

The Intermec CN70 is an ultra-rugged mobile computer that is ideal for field-mobility applications that demand a compact form factor with no compromise on ruggedness.  The CN70 combines next-generation architecture with market-leading wirelss communications and data capture capabilities, delivering optimal worker productivity.


Motorola MC75A

The 3.5G Motorola MC75A is one of the world’s premium Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA), offering a wide host of features and functionality in a field-proven rugged form factor.  The MC75A comes in two options – 3.5G WWAN/WLAN and WLAN only.  The MC75A enables enterprises to standardize on a single EDA to support workers inside and outside the four walls.

To learn more or to receive personalized assistance in choosing the right mobile computing solutions for your business processes, contact accQtrax today. Call us at 1-888-273-0009 or click here to contact us via the web.

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