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Scalable RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) Solutions


accQtrax in partnership with software solution providers, offers a wide range of scalable RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) technologies, that accurately deliver, on-demand information about the physical location and status of assets. Zebra built the Zebra Enterprise Solutions division by bringing together best-of-breed companies under the Zebra umbrella and now offers leading-edge hardware and software solutions that work together to provide end-to-end supply chain asset tracking visibility that can be “application matched” from high resolution X-Y-Z coordinate positioning and tracking to basic presence detection. accQtrax brings the experience and know-how to integrate it into your business.


Dependent upon your business needs, indoor or outdoor applications, we can implement a combination of ISO/IEC 24730, Cisco CCX Wi-Fi, precision GPS and UWB technologies that will help optimize the flow of goods across your most complex logistical operations. Customers are realizing true benefits in increased productivity, lowered operating costs and improved safety and security throughout their operations through the integration of an RTLS solution.

■ Equipment Tracking & Management

■ Yard Tracking & Management

■ Vehicle Tracking

Learn more about how accQtrax brings the total solution together. We will visit you on-site to survey the environment, understand your work flows and build a solution that will enhance your business operations.


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Possible applications of a Real Time Locating System include:

■ Airport Operations

■ Manufacturing Material Flow

■ Container Terminal Operations

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