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RFID Tracking Solutions


Do you need to find files fast? The accQtrax's RFID Tracking System uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to locate, inventory and check files in and out. It can be implemented using your existing filing records management systems for quick and consistent file retention, and all of its components are fully integrated with each other so file information is current at all times.


RFID Readers

Your supply chain awareness will reach new heights with a rugged RFID reader, writer and bar code scanner, all in a single device.



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From mobile solutions to desktop printing, accQtrax offers the full range of Zebra & Intermec RFID printer solutions.



RFID Portals


Portals are pass-through structures that hold a reader and one or more antennas.  Frequently portals are free-standing or can be buried inside walls or structures so as not to be obvious.  Portals can be defined as a function or as structures.  Portals can be defined as a opening which has been outfitted  as an RFID read-zone or a structure holding the reader and one or more antennas.


Our RFID portals are designed for business first to save your company time and money by tracking inbound and outbound shipments without artificial chokepoints.  accQtrax can supply customized RFID portals for full recording of incoming and outgoing goods.



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