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Innovative Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions


Around the world, companies are increasing efficiency and reducing costs by using RFID to automate product visibility and asset management processes. We understand the logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.


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Industry leaders have discovered the benefits of a RFID solution include:

 ■ Distribution & Logistics

 ■ Manufacturing

 ■ Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

 ■ Consumer Goods

 ■ Food Processing

 ■ Airport Operations

 ■ Retail

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Every industry uses RFID solutions in their own way but they all experience similar results:

 ■ Increase visibility within the supply chain

 ■ Lower operating costs

 ■ Increase competitiveness

 ■ Reduce human intervention

 ■ Real time information processing


RFID is not a simple plug-and-play technology there are many options to consider when developing an RFID strategy. accQtrax can help you build the business case for RFID and take you from a test pilot to a full-scale implementation in your environment while leveraging your existing investments in hardware, software, and information management systems.We can help you create and implement a cost-efficient RFID compliance solution tailored to your operation.


RFID Feasibility Analysis
Low-risk, high-level RFID study of user’s business goals and process environment.

RFID Process Analysis
Confirm RFID business case assumptions and set success criteria appropriately.

RFID Site Installation
 take ownership and confirm the performance of your new RFID technology system.

RFID Site Analysis
Define the business problem you want to solve and determine goals for the project.

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