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Deploy Professional Label Design and Bar Code Management with accQtrax and Seagull Scientific


accQtrax is an industry leader in data collection and print management solutions, so it only makes sense that we are teamed up with the industry-leading label design and bar code software provider Seagull Scientific, offering BarTender. BarTender software delivers professional label design and bar code management tools that can integrate with enterprise software applications to deliver full bar code compliance requirements.


Seagull Scientifics’ BarTender is an industry leading bar code design and labeling software solution that is used in thousands of organizations across the globe putting the power of managing label compliance and enterprise management in the hands of its users. accQtrax can help you assess your business needs and determine if BarTender is right for your organization.


Learn more about BarTender and accQtrax’s implementation services:


BarTender Solution Sheet


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For the first 30 days, the Trial Edition of BarTender functions just like the full-working Enterprise Automation edition (The most powerful version). After that time, BarTender runs in a slightly limited "demo mode" that randomly changes one character in each printed barcode or text field. For example, if you tried to print out a text or barcode field containing "ABCD," it might print out as "ABXD" instead.






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