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Innovative Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions


Today, companies investing in RF solutions are achieving bottom-line results across their entire supply chain – turning their investments into a competitive advantage. Many industries are finding a true value proposition by deploying RF within their businesses. As a business process improvement tool, RF technology delivers a tangible return on investment (ROI) when deployed in the right environment and with the appropriate network infrastructure.

Fields that have discovered the benefits of RF solutions include:


   Distribution & Logistics


   Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

   Consumer Goods

   Food Processing

   Airport Operations













Wireless Solutions Process:




All successful projects start with a defined set of expectations that are clearly outlined by the customer. Wireless solutions can be very complex and the technologies are constantly evolving. We will help you make the decisions that will be most beneficial to your organization now and in the future. Our detailed consultation will define the direction of the project.




Every facility is different and will present unique challenges. Although buildings can be very similar in appearance with others they can be constructed of significantly different material. Concrete walls attenuate signal differently than wood framed drywall walls, so the building will need to be inspected. All equipment locations will be located and an inventory of available space will be noted.


A complete site survey will also be conducted using test devices to determine the existing coverage areas. Depending on your requirements, you may have the ability to scale your coverage area to those spaces that are coverage challenged.




Based on the data collected from the site survey accQtrax will propose a solution that will provide enhanced coverage to all of the areas required. Indoor antennas will be placed in locations that will provide the best coverage possible for the structure.




AccQtrax will help determine a timeline for the completion of the project and provide weekly status reports to you. Our professional team of integrators will install the equipment in your facility. Wiring professionals that work in your facility regularly can also be hired to complete the cabling if required or deemed more efficient.




In order to ensure long-term stability of your new RF system it will need to be programmed to run in a state that is not taxing on the equipment. Our engineering team is focused on providing you the expertise needed to keep your system on-air for the long term.




accQtrax offers an ongoing maintenance program for all our hardware and software products.




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RF is not a simple plug-and-play technology there are many options to consider when developing an RF strategy. We can help you build the business case for RF and take you from a test pilot to a full-scale implementation in your environment while leveraging your existing investments in hardware, software, and information management systems.We can help you create and implement a cost-efficient RF compliance solution tailored to your operation.

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